Elevate your training, with Nona as your coach.

Step into the new you

Step into the new you

For the people who want to grow, who want to change and who want to finally see the results that make you feel like a boss. Not just in the mirror, but in your mind.

My app is designed to literally “Level Up” your fitness, body and confidence. 

No shortcuts. No unrealistic promises. Just the exact training methods I’ve built over the years to help you sculpt your physique, build a strong body and help you conquer any fitness goals.


But don’t just take
my word for it…

'Amazing! I love the videos and how you explain the right way to do it! The amount of attention to detail is what makes it my favorite, even down to how many seconds I should rest for!' 

'I'm really enjoying the program, tough but sooo good!' 

'I've definitely started seeing a difference in my arms and my waist already!' 

'After coming back to the gym after a 4 week hiatus, I feel pumped once again! Thank you!' 

'Really good! Has me shaking in the gym haha!' 

Measure the things that matter

I strongly believe that growth isn’t just about aesthetics - it’s about how strong you feel. That’s why I’ve made it super simple to track your reps and weight lifted within each workout, so you can watch your fitness journey unfold all in one place.


Elevate your training

Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Inside my app, you’ll find exclusive guided workouts, challenges and NEW guides added regularly to take your training to another level.


Customised nutrition made easy

I’m here to take the headache out of healthy eating for good. Calculate your macro needs based on age, height, weight and more while easily tracking the macro breakdowns of your meals during the day with your personal dashboard! 

Plus! With countless of my go-to favourite recipes at your fingertips - nutrition will NEVER feel like a burden ever again.



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Build long term results


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Achieve real results


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Start your journey


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'I wake up the next morning and everything is sore. The best workouts I've done in a long long time.' 

'Really enjoying it! I'm able to concentrate and focus on doing the exercises correctly thanks to all the tips you give!' 

'Love it! The first time I really sweat my butt off in a long time, reminds me of why I'm doing this in the first place!' 

'Exactly what I needed as a beginner trying to get shredded like nona!'

'It feels so good to feel my muscles ACTUALLY working! And its great to have a workout and plan to follow along'